Fall Hazard


Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry (one day seminar)

The focus of this course is to identify, evaluate, and prevent or control fall hazards at constructions sites. This course focuses on falls to a lower level not falls to the same level resulting from slips and falls. The target audience is the small construction employer, business owner, or manager who would like to obtain information about fall hazards found in the workplace. The training is also suitable for employees and employee representatives. Topics include identifying fall hazards, analyzing fall hazards, and preventing fall hazards as well as OSHA resources addressing fall hazards.

Fall Hazard Awareness (half day seminar)

There are also half day seminar schedules for this program. Please inquire further by calling (808) 537-6206.

Fall Protection (three day course)

This course will familiarize participants with OSHA standards regarding fall protection as well as with the latest technology, equipment and methods to protect employees from falls. Specific topics include components of fall arrest systems and the limitations of fall arrest equipment as well as an emphasis on the most hazardous situations and most frequently cited OSHA violations.

Learn to:

  • Identify various types of fall protection and their components
  • Recognize fall hazards and identify abatement methods for fall hazards
  • Define the proper use of fall protection equipment and personal fall arrest systems

Topics covered:

  • 29 CFR 1926 Subpart M
  • Sample Fall Protection plans
  • Consensus standards and summaries
  • Fall hazard analysis
  • Fall accidents and fatalities